Aleksandra's projects

Aleksandra "Ola" Karolak,

Postdoctoral Fellow



Research Projects:




"Physical Dynamics of Cancer Response to Chemotherapy in 3D Microenvironments"

topic: quantify and simulate growth of 3D tumor spheroids in various and variable microenvironments and their response to chemotherapy.

joint project with experimental lab of Lisa McCawley and Dmitry Markov, Vanderbilt

May 4th 2017 -- Moffitt Cancer Center Scientific Symposium


June 12th 2017 -- Cancer Biology and Evolution Symposium, Moffitt Cancer Center


2017 July 11-12th, CSBC-PSON Junior Investigator Meeting, Bethesdam MA


2017 October 17-19th, PSON Annual Meeting, Boston, Koch Institute, MIT


"Binding and internalization of imaging agents in pancreatic cancers"

topic: quantify and simulate distribution, binding and internalization of TLR2-Cy5 targeted imaging agents in mouse models of pancreatic cancers using the dorsal window chambers experiments.

joint project with experimental lab of Dave Morse, Moffitt

AACR Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research, Philadelphia, October 23-26 2015


Moffitt Scientific Symposium, May 6th 2016, poster "Optimizing targeted therapies in pancreatic tumors: combining single cell simulations with intravital microscopy"


AACR Engineering and Physical Sciences in Oncology conference, Boston, June 25-28, 2016