MunJu's projects

Mun Ju Kim, Research Scientist



Research Projects:


"Heterogeneity of Cytoskeletal Architecture as an Indicator of Treatment Response"

topic: investigate relationship between intra-cellular heterogeneity of biophysical measurements with therapeutic response to taxane-based therapy in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

joint project between four PSOCs: Moffitt, Scripps, Cornell and University of Southern California

SIAM Life Sciences, San Diego August 6-10 2012


PSOC Annual Meeting, Tampa April 16-18, 2012

"Optimising cell-cycle inhibitors in sarcomas: an integrative model"

topic: develop a computational model of cell-cycle targeted chemotherapies and investigate synergistic effects of drug combination therapies in various sarcomas

joint project between IMO and Moffitt Sarcoma Program