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McKenzie Williams

HIP-IMO Summer Intern



Research Project:


"Oxygenation landscape in bladder tumor histology"

topic: use mathematical modeling to recreate tumor and normal tissue oxygenation based on histology image from mouse bladder cancer under the guidance of Dr. Maureiq Ojwang'

High-School Internship Program @IMO (HIP-IMO) final presentations, July 29, 2022, Moffitt-IMO Research Day for the High School Intership Program (HIP-IMO). McKenzie presented: "Investigating Oxygenation within Bladder Tumors in Mice" in collaboration with Dr. Shari Pilon-Thomas and Dr. Michael Poch labs.

High-School Internship Program @IMO (HIP-IMO) research project presentations, Moffitt July 1st 2022, McKenzie Williams gave a presentation "From Toy to OT1"