Jessica's projects

Jessica Kingsley

Research Associate 2018-2021



Research Projects:


"Metabolic Fluctuations in Cancer"

topic: to develop mathematical models for analysing causes and consequences of short-time metabolic fluctuations in cancer tissue

Manuscript "Bridging cell-scale simulations and radiologic images to explain short-time intratumoral oxygen fluctuations" published in PLoS Computational Biology 17(7):e1009206, doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1009206; authors: Jessica Kingsley, Jimmy Costello, Natarajan Raghunand, and Kasia Rejniak, link to the article

a representative final simulation showing oxygen fluctuation within a tissue (left) and fitting to the average pO2 data recorded experimentally (rigth).


black ROI blue ROI red ROI magenta ROI

fast oxygen fluctuations within four regions of interest (ROIs) with tissue morphologies shown in the top row; O2 fluctuations are caused by either changes in vascular oxygen influx (second row) or modifications in oxygen absorption by tumor cells (third row); pO2 fluctuations recorded experimentally are shown in the bottom row for each ROI.


a simulation showing stabilisation of oxygen gradient for a given tissue resulting from constant influx of oxygen from the vasculture and constant uptake of oxygen by both tumor and stromal cells: (left) oxygen gradient within the tissue; (right) oxygen level averaged over the whole tissue area.


Cancer Biology & Evolution Annual Symposium, October 14th, 2019, presented poster "Medical imaging-based in silico reconstruction of tumor microenvironment" in collaboration with Natarajan Raghunand (Cancer Physiology) and Marilyn Bui (Microscopy).