Rejniak Lab


The research of my lab focuses on mathematical and computational modeling of tumor initiation, progression and treatment. Computational simulations give the unique opportunity of testing various scenarios of tumor emergence and growth, as well as different protocols of chemo- and radio-therapy over a wide range of parameters values that is not always possible in the laboratory. In particularly we investigate bio-mechanics of normal vs. tumor-like tissue morphogenesis, micro-fluids in drug delivery and bio-physics of tumor microenvironment using CFD methods, such as the IBCell model (immersed boundary method of a cell) or the method of Regularized Stokeslets.

  • mechanics
  • morphology
  • microfluids
  • migration
  • metastasis
  • metabolism
  • microenvironment

We are a part of the Moffitt PS-OC Center and the Vanderbilt CCSB (ICBP) Center.

Postdoctoral positions available: Click here